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  • Reactivi, dispozitive medicale si consumabile de laborator

Reagents, medical devices and laboratory supplies

By treating with seriousness and respect for our customers, we want to be a completely reliable and competent partner for building a relationship of mutual trust, And as a mediator between manufacturers and customers are looking for long term cooperation.

Customer first

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We want as soon as possible to become partner / your reliable supplier in the long term with which you can have the most successful collaborations.

Why ORION Biologics?
Because we offer:

  • Products and services quality
  • Complete Solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Confidence


Every problem has a solution in the medical system, ORION Biologics,

Support in choosing products

We are available, coming up with ideas and alternative solutions beneficial in finding the desired product, necessary to your needs.

Excellent quality
and affordable

We provide excellent products, good quality and affordable for even the most demanding customers satisfied.

Fast delivery

We know how important it is to receive the goods promptly. Therefore, we are committed to offer the fastest delivery possible for you, aiming to find the best solutions.

Special Services for our customers